10/20, 11/24 Thanksgiving Pie & Roll Sale

Hi everyone….

Wait!  It’s only August and we’re thinking about what?  Thanksgiving pies, of course!

CCFOA is taking orders for Thanksgiving pies baked by Rosa’s in Hazleton.  Attached is the order form.  Note that there are TWO PAGES in the attached PDF file.  The first shows all of the pie flavors and page 2 lists the pumpkin, carrot, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter and red velvet rolls.  (YUM!)

Orders with payment are due on Tuesday, October 20.  Delivery will be Tuesday, Nov. 24, after 12:00 PM.

Please help support CCFOA by taking orders for these delicious baked goods!

Thank you!

2015 Thanksgiving pie order form [pdf]