Mr T Needs Our Help!

Mr. T was rescued from an environment where he was being starved. Our cruelty officer immediately transported Mr. T. to vet and it was learned that he was highly malnourished and required hospitalization. He was hospitalized in intensive care for four days for re-feeding purposes. It was learned that he has limes disease and other tick related diseases as well. His teeth have been neglected which require removal. The vet has been very generous, but we have an outstanding bill and Mr. T. now requires dental surgery. Once he is strong enough to undergo the dental surgery we will also have him neutered. He is approximately eight years of age and since he will already be under anesthesia when getting the dental surgery we felt it would be best to have him neutered at the same time. Criminal charges will be filed against the owners. However, even if restitution is ordered there is NO guarantee they will pay. Therefore, we are asking for help with these vet bills so Mr. T can live life pain free. Currently, the bills are over $800.00 and Friends of Animals will be responsible for all his vet bills upfront. If anyone could find it in their hearts to make a donation to Mr. T’s medical bills we would be very grateful. All donations should include a note on the memo part of the check that indicates Mr. T. Checks may be sent and payable to CCFOA, 900 Walnut Avenue, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229.