Happy Tails

We are ALWAYS looking for your “Happy Tails”. If you adopted a pet from us and would like to tell everyone how your new friend has made you smile, please drop us an Email and we will post it for everyone to enjoy!

Happy Tail by Sara

In June, we suddenly lost one of our cats, Smokey. He was such a sweetie, and it was very hard for all of us. We weren’t sure we wanted to get a cat so soon, but my mother and I took a drive and couldn’t resist stopping at the shelter. There we saw many cats that we absolutely adored, but there was one that just kept catching my eye. It was Ben! A few days later, I picked Ben up to go to his new home. He was very timid for the first few weeks, but now loves his belly rubbed, loves to to play and run around, (sometimes picking on our other cat), and even sits with my Dad at night on the chair and falls asleep,—just like Smokey used to…He really is happy to have a home and a family that loves him!



Happy Tail by Tammy

Hi! This is Tammy Stetler.. we adopted Tony last week and we just had to let you know how happy we are.. and how happy he is. He has brought so much joy to our lives already, he loves to play with our daughter and she giggles all day long playing with her kitty. After Christmas my daughter and I plan to come up with a donation of some of the items we saw on your wishlist. It is a wonderful thing that you all have there, helping such wonderful animals and giving joy to the people that need it. We are so happy that we got to give Tony a home for the holidays and he makes our holiday even brighter. I attached a few pictures of him. He is one spoiled lazy kitty and we love him so much! Thank you!!

-Tammy and Ashley



Happy Tail by Amanda

Dear Carbon County Friends of Animals, we just wanted to let you know that Orbit has adapted very well with us. He meows when he wants attention and when he wants us to wake up. He is very lovey and we are happy with our choice.

Thank you, Amanda & Adam



Happy Tail by Kelly

To the Women who Work/Volunteer at CCFOA,
On November 30, my daughter, Riley, and I walked into your shelter looking to adopt a cat into our home. You were very helpful and patient in giving advice on choosing our new pet. After much debate and time, we chose Friendly, a tabby cat, to take home since she sat so well in Riley’s arms. We were cautioned to be patient, because it may take as long as a year for her to become relaxed in her new environment.
While she was a bit skittish for a few days, she has since become very well-adjusted. We have since changed her name to Ivy, because we adopted her around the holiday season. She enjoys being petted and cuddled, plays with her new toys, hides to surprise us behind the banister on the second floor, and curls up to sleep on our bed with us at night. She still is a bit leary of strangers in our home, and sometimes runs away from Riley when she gets too loud or excited. However, we couldn’t love her more!
I have attached a photo of Ivy purring happily while being loved on by Riley. Thank you so much for all your help in finding our new family member. She is very happy and well-loved in her new home. She may even have become a bit spoiled!
The Fritz Family
Justin, Kelly, Riley, Louie, and of course, Ivy


Happy Tail by Ursula

Dear Friends at Carbon County Friends of Animals,
We adopted our sweet girl Marie at the shelter about 2 years ago. She has adapted to our home very well and loves her sister cat Cleo. They are best buds and cuddle together all the time. Marie is so very sweet and loves to be around people. She sits in her spot on top of the couch and watches everything. Loves to be petted and purrs up a storm. We love her very much and so happy she is part of our family. She is a happy girl who LOVES to eat and lounge around. We call her our Fatty Catty and I don’t know what we would do without her ! We are proud that we were able to give her a forever home. Thank you for all your hard work and tireless days of taking care of all the kitties without homes. When we carried her home 2 years ago we weren’t sure how everything was going to work out and now we can’t imagine what we would do without our Fatty Catty !!

Thank you !

Ursula and Jason


Happy Tail by Kayla & Co

Back in July of 2009 me and my family ended up suffering a major blow to the heart. We lost our baby, our furry love, Fluffy. He was a big white longhair that loved to cuddle and look at you with his big golden eyes. We ended up having to put him down because we found out too late he was diabetic. It was devastating and we cried for hours. After a week of mourning and still heart sore I decided that the love I used to give to Fluffy deserved to go to another cat. It would be what he would of wanted. So after much hesitation I went to the shelter and looked around, smiling when cats would plaster themselves against the front of the cages looking for love. One fuzzball stood out by reaching out and snagging my sweat shirt with her claws, pulling me back as if to say “Hey you! Over here!”. The second I saw Cindy Lou I fell in love with her. Those big green eyes and sweet face just pulled me in. After asking permission I opened the cage and she just flopped into my lap, leaning against me while purring. I knew I had to take her home and three days later I did. Now she sleeps with me every night, follows me around the house, and is generally stuck to me like glue. She gets all the love she could ever want from my grandmothers as well and we affectionately call her Fat Lou. She has definitely found her Furrever home.

– Kayla & Co.


Happy Tail by Christy & Al

Hello everyone,

Oliver is doing well. He settled into the house nicely. It didn’t
take him long before found our current cat, she’s a grump old lady at
16. After a couple bats with her paw, they agreed she’s to old and
grumpy to play with, and he to fast to catch and beat up. So they
have worked out a nice relationship.

He has explored the whole house and found the master bed room, is the
best spot to sleep and he prefers to be under the covers at your

We love him and we are very happy with our new cat. I will continue
to give you updates. And I forgot to leave the Exam Gloves so I will
stop back and drop them off.

With Kindest Regards,

Christy and Al


Happy Tail by Jason

Hello – Just wanted to send a quick email regarding Lacy in which we adopted yesterday.

We brought her home expecting her to disappear because of the stress of the new surroundings, but we let her out and she began to slowly explore every square inch of our house! Within a an hour it was as if she has lived there for years. She is very affectionate and playful, and we really could not be happier with our choice at this point. Wherever we go in the house, she follows. She will get lots of attention!

– Jason


Happy Tail for Zolo by Jackie

Name: Jackie Pickering
Message: Hello Wendy….Just wanted to let you know how much we love Zolo….he is so loving and follows us around like a dog. Our other cat, Jessie, has had no problem with him, nor has Zolo had any problem with Jessie and I find them all the time sleeping next to one another.
He’s a real blessing to our house. Thanks again…Jackie


Happy Tail by Lori

We adopted our Callie (aka Yum Yum when she was at your shelter) last year. She is a sweetie!
Thanks, Lori Beers


Happy Tail by Tricia

We just adopted Hailey about a week ago, and she is already fitting in well with our cat Luke and the kids. She loves to sleep with Tricia and cuddle up to her. We also discovered that Hailey love pounce kitty snacks. She is funny when she sees the snacks come out. If you came over and saw her you would think we have had her for a few years. Even though we just got her, being without her would be heartbreaking. She was a perfect addition to our family. Thank you very much.