Cat Room Art

Attention Artists!

For those who don’t know, we are renovating the cat rooms at the shelter. In order to add some fun to the rooms and to highlight the talent of the community, we want to partner with a handful of artists to paint the rooms. We are doing this in the form of a contest! This is how it will work. Artists can choose to do a room either by themselves or in a group. Every individual room has a theme (listed below) that you can create a design for. We will provide any necessary supplies (paint, brushes, etc.) to the artists in order for them to complete the room. Once the rooms are done, each artist/group who participated will receive a prize. We will also post pictures of the completed rooms on our various social media pages and have people vote for their favorite room. Whichever room wins, the artist/group who painted the room will win a grand prize.

The rooms themes are

  • Room 1: The Catarribean
    • Wall colors are turquoise and bright yellow. 
    • Designs could include things such as coral, fish, beach ball, beach, cats in bikinis.
  • Room 2: Mother Earth
    • Wall colors are green and orange.   
    • Designs could include things such as flowers, birds of paradise, plants, kittens or other small critters, trees, deer, forest.
  • Room 3: Glen Onoko Estates  
    • Wall colors are turquoise and purple (medium).  
    • Designs could include things such as waterfalls, hiking trails, the old resort, and princess glen onoko.
  • Room 4: Itty Bitty Kitties      
    • Wall colors are bright blue and bright dark pink.  
    • Designs could include things such as a meadow with small kitties and critters, stork delivering kitties.

These are just some ideas we came up with, so feel free to come up with your own! Ideas/designs must be submitted to CCFOA by June 1st 2021. For more information, contact Dana Dunbar (570-249-9663